New Year, New Job? 3 Updates Every Resume Should Have

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New Year, New Job? 3 Updates Every Resume Should Have

Did you know January and February are the best months to look for a job? If you’ve been thinking about a new job or refreshing your resume, now is a good time. According to Top Resume, most companies receive their budgets at the beginning of the year and have a better idea of what they can afford to hire for. If you’ve thought of ramping up your career search, make sure you’re resume represents the best part of you. Keep reading for a few tips to update your resume before applying to a new job.

#1 Match your resume to the job description

A resume should tell a story about your career and your accomplishments, but it should also be aligned to the job you’re applying for. Start by assuming you must have all the skills listed in the job description to be qualified for the position. Does your resume hit all those points? When writing your resume, make sure to highlight those specific details and accomplishments (Forbes). Take a look at your resume and see if it matches up with each bullet point on the job description. If not, update your information and make it easy for anyone to see how qualified you are for the job.

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#2 Keep it neat

This is the easy stuff that a lot of people mess up on. Most of the time a resume is your first impression. Just as much as you wouldn’t want a mustard stain on your shirt, you wouldn’t want a stain on your resume. To get all the stains out of your resume takes a lot of effort. You resume should be simple, yet packed with your accomplishment. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple (SteveJobs). Double check the following details before sending off your application.

  1. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?
  2. Is the font consistent throughout your resume?
  3. Does the format look good? (i.e. punctuation, sentence endings, etc.)

Image is important. Anyone looking at a broken resume will think “if they can’t get this right, they probably can’t do this job right”. Take the extra time to represent yourself in the best light.

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#3 Make your resume the solution to the company’s problems

Think of a job posting as a company’s way of listing all the ways they need help. If the job description aligns with your resume, it could be a good match on both sides. With the applicant pool being so competitive, you have to find a way to market yourself above the rest. Employers build brands that showcase how they understand who we are as a customer (i.e. google, apple). That’s exactly what you need to do with your resume as well (Inc.). Look at the problems the company has on the job description, and think of all the ways you can solve them. Once you know how to solve their problems, make sure those details are in your resume.

It’s important to stay hungry, but also stay confident when applying for jobs. No company is perfect and if they didn’t have any problems, they wouldn’t be looking to hire. If you’ve thought of ramping up your career search take the extra time to look at the company and what their needs are. See if they match yours and then cater your resume accordingly. If you ready to set yourself apart from the group, click here for help with your resume and staying competitive!

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