Update Your Resume: 3 Signs You Could Be Getting Fired

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Update Your Resume: 3 Signs You Could Be Getting Fired
By Tammy Stone, The Psychology of Business.

Have you ever been fired from a job? Being fired is a humbling experience. It can also be a necessary one. Even in the most obvious situation, it’s hard to believe we are disposable. We all look at the world through our own lens. Be careful not to cloud your judgment. Look for signs that you might want to spruce up your resume. Here are 3 ways to see it coming:

1. Your Boss Keeps Rescheduling Your Meetings.
Nobody likes to lie if they don’t have to. If your Manager has potential bad news, they will try to avoid any issues until the details are final. Look out for your “check in” meeting getting pushed back. Statistics show “Managers spend up to 50% of their time in meetings” (themuse). Ask yourself why they keep rescheduling yours. It could be a red flag. We have great intuition, yet we still justify odd behavior. We look for confirmation that our instincts are off. If confronted with the question “am I getting fired?” consider all the possibilities. 

2. Nobody Can Answer Any Of Your Questions.
Have you been asking for budget approvals, hiring decisions, or business updates? It should raise an eyebrow when information becomes scarce. If you get a sense that you might be on the chopping block, look at what is (or is not) being communicated to you. The good news is, it’s expensive to replace employees. Harvard Business Review said it “costs approximately 20% of that employee’s salary” to replace them (HRB). Figure out if you’re creating value or costing the company money. In our jobs, we should always be looking for ways to add value, not only when times are rough. 

3. You Haven’t Had Any Large Projects In A While.
At the end of the day, every business is there to make money. Could you imagine the company without you? If you have to think about the answer, you could be doing more at work. There is always something to do, or a craft to improve on. The best way to get noticed at work is to “become an expert in something” (Forbes). Create your own opportunities, and don’t wait too long to have a stake in the company. 

Good Luck!
For anyone that values their job, look for these warning signs. Don’t ignore what is right in front of you. Hindsight is 20/20, but if you’re aware of the warning signs you can be proactive. Even if you can’t change the outcome, you can change the blow to your career progression.

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