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Welcome to The Psychology of Business

By Tammy Stone, The Psychology of Business

The Psychology of Business is a forum for professionals to share their experiences, opinions, and advice for other professionals. We want this blog to be for all business communities to learn from, give light to new perspectives, and share their best practices. Each article will be personal and enriched with content from various professions, as well as the latest current events, for exploring tools for success.

What you can expect?

Our mission is to make individual development a part of every business culture.

Whether you are a CEO, Manager, Individual Contributor, or Entry Level Employee, we want to inspire you to invest in yourself and each other. Investing in yourself, as well as those around you directly influences your own success, and our content will show you how.

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  1. Vision. In a world of numbers, metrics, and deadlines we are bringing light to the human element in business. We want to focus on how improving human experiences can improve the bottom line. The focus should not shift off of business success, but too often there is a disconnect between the correlation of the human journey and company success. Along with advice and outreach, it’s time to tackle the psyche of business people and how it can improve your success. Knowledge is power and we want to know about you and your success.  The Psychology of Business is an opportunity to connect with business professionals and contribute to the educate of your peers.
  2. Weekly blog contributions.  We will have weekly updates to our site with enriched content, as well as daily updates to our inspiration texts.  Each week there will be a new article posted with original content from one of our contributors, or guest blogs from other established professionals. All content will be vetted by our team to make sure we are bringing the most valuable, and thought provoking information.
  3. Contributors. Our contributors are from various professional backgrounds. The content will be fresh, current, and relatable, no matter what profession you are in. Look for content from Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, Real Estate Investors, Dentists, Graduate Students, Comedians, HR Experts, Executives, Published Authors, and more!  Our contributors are passionate about what they do and excited to share their knowledge.
  4. The audience. The great Maya Angelou said “When you know better, you do better”. The Psychology of Business is the best resource for anyone looking to improve and be successful in their field. Whether you are a struggling Actor, Entrepreneur, trying to climb the social ladder, or unsure of what you want to do, The Psychology of Business will provide insight and clarity for your journey. The path to success is never easy, but the content is for anyone looking to be strategic and learn from other professionals on their way.
  5. Content. We have enormous respect for professionals and visionaries who have paved their own way to success. Along with our own experts, The Psychology of Business will publish material and advice from influencers and other blogs. If it contributes to individual and community success, look for it here!  Thank you for visiting thepsychologyofbusiness.com, we are excited to share and grow with you.

Connect with us: info@thepsychologyofbusiness.com

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